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News 1

Global warming is taking over the cool, summery seasons, turning them into extremes of hot and humid. The ecosystem has been affected, requiring prompt solutions for you and your beloved pets. If you don't want your pets panting or licking off their paws and nose because of heat, we’ve got you covered.

The ideal solution is the best dog cooling mat. You don't need to refrigerate or worry about the sizes; everything is built-in.


1. Types

The dog mat is mostly of three types:

  • Gel     

The most common types offered are Gel cooling mats. A special gel with a cooling effect is activated with pressure when your dog sits on it. However, the mat requires 15 to 30 minutes after being used for a few hours.

  • Water

Some people don't appreciate the gel mat concept, so this is their alternate pick. Filling these mats with cold water can be messy if they get punctured. Therefore, you should protect them with a soft cloth and avoid freezing.

  • Ice

The third option is an ice pad, which is freezable. But it requires insulative layers like a pet blanket or towel to dodge cold burns.


2. Sizes

The cooling mats are available in different sizes; they vary according to weight and length ranges. Depending on your dog's breed and age, you can pick the size that fits the best. However, the right way is to get one that isn't too big or small for them.


3. Colors

Mostly, the color of the cooling mats is blue because of the sense of calmness that comes with it. However, you can also find some in pink or gray.


4. Cooling time

Most mats come with two or four hours of cooling time, but they depend on the shelf life and environment where they are stored.


5. Maintenance

Dogs get dirty and playful, so they might accidentally spill on or puncture the dog cooling mat. However, the greatest part is, they can be used like a washable sofa.